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Laboratory of Root Physiology

Russian version

Head Ilya V. Seregin, D.Sc. (biol.)
Tel.: (499) 678-53-24, E-mail: ilya_seregin@mail.ru

Ilya V. SereginViktor B. Ivanov
Ilya V. SereginProfessor
Viktor B. Ivanov

Brief history of the Laboratory

In 1933, in order to study root nutrition in plants, A.A. Rikhter set up a group that in 1935 was reorganized into an independent Laboratory of Mineral Nutrition. In 1949, it was renamed the Laboratory of Root Nutrition. During this time span, the Laboratory was headed by such outstanding scientists as D.A. Sabinin, E.M. Ratner, Z.I. Zhurbitskii, I.I. Kolosov, D.B. Vakhmistrov, and V.B. Ivanov. The Laboratory conducted numerous investigations of the mechanisms of ion uptake by the root system, relationship between uptake and transpiration, the role of individual tissues in ion uptake and translocation, metabolism of phosphorus in plants, and root electrophysiology. Close attention was paid to hydroponics, optimization of fertilizing, and many other important applied aspects. V.B. Ivanov encouraged investigation of cellular mechanisms of root growth, effect of cytostatics, inhibitors and heavy metals on root growth , as well as development of histochemical methods. This line of research is successfully pursued today. The results of investigations were published in the monographs by I.I. Kolosov Absorbing Activity of Plant Root System (1937), E.M. Ratner Nutrition and Application of Fertilizers (1947), Z.I. Zhurbitskii Physiological and Agrochemical Bases for Application of Fertilizers (1963), in XLIX Timiryazev Lecture Spatial Organization of Ion Transport in the Root delivered by D.B. Vakhmistrov (1991), as well as in V.B. Ivanovs monographs Cellular Bases for Plant Growth (Moscow, Nauka, 1974), Reactive Dyes in Biology (Moscow, Nauka, 1982; Harwood Acad. Publ., London, 1987), Cell Proliferation in Plants (VINITI, Moscow, 1987), and Timiryazev Lecture Cellular Mechanisms of Plant Growth delivered in 2007 and published in 2011.

Since 2015, the Laboratory has been headed by Doctor of Biology I.V. Seregin who is engaged in the investigation of toxic effect of heavy metals on plants as well as their distribution and translocation. To this end, histochemical methods for cadmium, lead, nickel, zinc, and strontium detection in plant tissues were developed or modified in the Laboratory. Special attention is paid to investigation of physiological mechanisms of selective accumulation of heavy metals in two contrasting groups of plants: excluders that predominantly accumulate metals in the roots and hyperaccumulators that accumulate metals mainly in the shoots.

In 2000, the Laboratory was reinforced with a group headed by M.S. Krasavina who is engaged in the investigation of phloem transport and electrophysiology.

Major lines of research

Presently, the Laboratory conducts investigationsin the following fields:

  1. Cellular mechanisms of root growth;
  2. Patterns of root growth under the effect of various agents;
  3. Root stem cells;
  4. Effect of heavy metals on plant growth and development of the methods for their histochemical detection in plant tissues;
  5. Distribution and accumulation of heavy metals in excluders and hyperaccumulators;
  6. Possible mechanisms of selective accumulation of metals in underground organs of excluders and above-ground organs of hyperaccumulators;
  7. Mechanism of phloem unloading and loading and metabolism of carbohydrates in the root.

Methodological resources

We elaborated the methods for biological testing based on the effect of certain compounds on root growth. Histochemical methods for detection of cadmium, lead, nickel, and zinc in plant tissues, for determination of invertase and sucrose synthase activity, as well asfor staining proteins and carbohydrates with procion dyes were developed in the Laboratory. We employ computerized methods of bright-field and fluorescent microscopy. We worked out methods for visualization of phloem unloading using fluorescent dyes.


The Laboratory cooperates with the Department of Genetics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; Laboratory of Genetics and Evolution of Plant Populations, University of Lille 1; Department of Botany, University of Klaipeda; Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Plant Physiology, Montpellier SupAgro; Department of Biology, University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio Campus.

Research Staff

Ilya V. Seregin D.Sc. (biol.), Head of the Laboratory
Tel.: (499) 678-53-24, E-mail: ilya_seregin@mail.ru

Victor B. Ivanov, D.Sc. (biol.), Professor, Leading Researcher
Tel.: (499) 678-53-04, E-mail: ivanov@ippras.ru

Ilya A. Baklanov Ph.D. (biol.), Research Associate
Tel.: (499) 678-53-24, E-mail: baklanov_ia@list.ru

Nataliya A. Burmistrova, Research Associate
Tel.: (499) 678-53-71, E-mail: na_burmistrova@ippras.ru

Elena I. Bystrova, Ph.D. (biol.), Senior Researcher
Tel.: (499) 678-54-00, E-mail: ivanov@ippras.ru

Natalia V. Zhukovskaya, Ph.D. (biol.), Research Associate
Tel.: (499) 678-53-76, E-mail: zhukovskayanv@rambler.ru

Anna D. Kozhevnikova , Ph.D. (biol.), Senior Researcher
Tel.: (499) 678-53-24, E-mail: urtica8127@yandex.ru

Marina S. Krasavina , Ph.D. (biol.), Senior Researcher
Tel.: (499) 678-53-71, E-mail: krasavina@ippras.ru

Nina F. Lunkova (Feshchenko), Ph.D. (biol.), Research Associate
Tel.: (499) 678-53-71, E-mail: krasavina@ippras.ru

Nadezhda P. Nyukhacheva, Engineer
Tel.: (499) 678-53-71, E-mail: ivanov@ippras.ru

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